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Feb 26, 2008

I reject your reality and insert my own

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the tale of the Linux scarf

The Tale of the Linux Scarf


My wife aka "The Battleaxe" is a avid knitter (yes our house is full of computers and yarn) and is always asking me what i want for a Christmas Present.  Back in September before we went to Ohio LinuxFest i had found this online: Linux Scarf

And that is what i wanted that scarf but with the Fedora emblem on Tux's Stomach. So i took the template and added the Fedora emblem resulting in Fedora Penguin.

Christmas came and went and my Scarf still was not done, which was fine because i knew she was working hard on it.

I was hoping that I would have it by the Fedora Users and Developers Conference in Raleigh NC in January. But alast it still wasnt done.

Last night my wonder wife finished putting the last of the fringe on the scarf and pronounced it completed.

So now I have a 7 foot long Scarf with the Wonderful Tux and Linux logo.

Pics (lower Numbers are completed scarf)

. If you take on this project flip the Fedora emblem over because on my scarf on the illusion side the f is backwards.


I now return you back to your normal reality

Jan 30, 2008

I reject your reality and insert my own

This is my first blog ever

This is my first blog entry ever. I really dont know what i will talk about, but over time i hope i get a clue
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