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Updates to anaconda

by kanarip — last modified Feb 03, 2008 09:05 PM

While trying to get our automated testing going using a couple of Xen guests -well, a couple, actually 10-, I got tracebacks from anaconda... I just can't handle that very well. At all. So, I've backported another fix or two.

Updates to anaconda... Are Important

This morning I tried to provision a Fedora 7 Xen guest using a nice kickstart configuration file. However anaconda showed a traceback. Updates to anaconda are such a great deal, re-spinning (for Fedora Unity) or re-composing (business and pleasure, yes sir!) media will get you to appreciate that. So, here it is, repositories with packages for anaconda. My message to anaconda-devel-list earlier this year which didn't get much response yet probably because of Fedora 9 Alpha needing to get out.

Fedora $releasever - $basearch

name = Updated Anaconda Packages for Fedora $releasever - $basearch
baseurl =$releasever/$basearch

name = Updated Anaconda Debug Packages for Fedora $releasever - $basearch
baseurl =$releasever/$basearch/debug
enabled = 0

name = Updated Anaconda Source Packages for Fedora $releasever
baseurl =$releasever/SRPMS
enabled = 0

Note that if you want to use the packages with Revisor you'll need to expand these variables. Both the composing host as well as the package set will need to have the updated packages available.

Bugs Solved / Backported So Far

Fedora 7:

Bugzilla Bug 243159: Upgrade does not recognize existing install (backported fix)

Bugzilla Bug 350491: Anaconda crashes when using kickstart post script (backported fix)

Bugzilla Bug 241395: FC6 -> F7 anaconda upgrade traceback (backported fix)

Fedora 8:

Bugzilla Bug 367731: anaconda fails on Via VPSD motherboard (i586 hardware -many duplicates, backported fix)

I'll be looking for more bugs, (traceback on ISO over NFS installation..)

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