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Red Hat Summit Day 2: Key Notes from J, J&J, Meetups

by kanarip — last modified Jun 18, 2008 12:23 PM
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I've just been to the keynotes from J, J & J, after which I went out for a smoke and meet with some people that just arrived for FUDcon...

It's amazing how little people know who's who, but then again these events are all about meeting people, and not just people you know already, of course. We already met a few people first night we were here, in the bar of the Sheraton which BTW is LOADED with Red Hat Summit attendees, visitors, speakers, etc - and most of the FUDCon people still have to arrive, I imagine.

Tonights plan is to go to Fenway Park, a baseball stadium even the baseball-ignorant Dutchmen know -that's how famous it is ;-) I'm curious whether just a badge (whether for FUDCon of for the Red Hat Summit) will get you inside as one of us, Jonathan Steffan, originally wanted to register for the Summit but didn't -now it turns out some of us do have all-access, like me being the European RHCE of the Year, he's about the only one without registration. Either way though, we'll be drinking beers and chat no matter whether we all get into Fenway Park ;-)

Another amazing thing is I'm about the only one in a Fedora Ambassador polo, some other people have Fedora shirts, and some more people (like, the rest) all have Red Hat T-shirts and caps and stuff.... I'd like to see that change when FUDCon really takes off; we'll have gotten everyone who pre-registered for FUDCon the Official FUDCon Boston 2008 T-shirt, so secretly I hope the amount of Red Hat vs. Fedora T-shirts goes 180 ;-))

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