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LinuxTag is over

by kanarip — last modified Jun 02, 2008 09:53 AM
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LinuxTag 2008 is now over. I hope everyone got home OK, and got a chance to relax and rest a little.

I need to apologize for not keeping my promise; I was supposed to blog a little every day, but I didn't. There's no real excuse, but you gotta imagine these events are very busy -and exhausting. So many people to meet, so many people to talk to, so many things to pursue, so many talks to attend (and in my case give), so many patches to sources to enable giving out localized spins, so many beers.

On average, I think I had 3 hours of sleep a day -and so did many others. As there were 26 of us, give or take, you're never finished talking to all of your fellow Fedorians. Of course, alcohol was involved ;-) It was very nice to see everyone and meet some new faces.

My personal highlights for LinuxTag include the bathrobes, and especially the entrance we made at the LinuxNight Social Event. I think there was about 300 exhibitors, speakers and VIPs wondering how cool they were, and where they could get one - instead some of them asked us a few questions (Why? Isn't it hot? - no, it's cool!). I'm sure there's many, many pictures floating around the web that can give you a good impression.

Another highlight is, there was this one person at the booth whom I've met at last year's LinuxTag as well, and whom was using Revisor for all kinds of stuff. We talked a little about some brokenness that had been in Fedora 9 (the GUI wasn't starting) which luckily I had fixed already, and some of the use-cases he is trying to get done with Revisor. Long story short; he saw a bunch of Fedora T-Shirts go past us and he showed interest. I gave him one in his size and I got a "Linux Inside" coffee mug in return; Thanks again ;-)

I'll upload some photos I made when I'm back home.


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