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by kanarip — last modified Feb 24, 2008 04:22 AM
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People are watching... What's up with the Steak Tartare?

Yesterday was an interesting day at FOSDEM. I've been working on pyJigdo mostly -in order to get the proposed feature for Fedora 9 done, and while I was doing so I attended talks (mostly in the Fedora/CentOS developers room). After FOSDEM (all work and no play :P), we went to a restaurant by lack of a conference in the Hotel we are staying, and founded Fedora EMEA. Greatly anticipated, now finally done. I've taken some pictures you can view at my Fedora Unity space. Announcements in all the proper places coming up soon.

Today I'll be helping someone with boot problems -I didn't have the correct Re-Spin DVD with me and he promised to come back today, but before I start doing that, I usually browse through my e-mail and then mark everything read, and while I was doing so, my eye catched the message from Max Spevack saying he was aggregating all the blogs and pictures about FOSDEM (I'll add this one), and I came across this blog post on his LiveJournal blog.

I love Filet Americain! I ate it Friday, and I ate it again yesterday. The waiter warned me -he must have learned his lesson last year, but I knew what I was getting ;-)

This second day at FOSDEM (or third actually) I'm going to meet up with z00dax from CentOS and talk/brainstorm a little about Revisor on Enterprise Linux 5 or recomposing and rebuilding in more general terms, and look into the future a little given that he knows a lot more of what is going to happen in EL6 then I do. It promises to be a very useful and educational sit-together for me at least ;-)

Later today Yaakov Nemoy and myself will look into Revisor and the Server/Client model we've been talking about that FUDCon in Raleigh and express some ideas based on the code we've seen so far. The good thing is, this will shape up as we move forward and we do not really have a design set in stone or anything. Just the general goals. We've promised to just get some ideas up on some white-board first, and then discuss which one would fit best for what we need right now, and then look into what would be best in the long-term. I'm sure we're gonna end up with a solid plan.

That's all for now, time for some coffee.

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