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FOSDEM 2008, First Day

by kanarip — last modified Feb 23, 2008 06:19 AM
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Although we started yesterday with a nice dinner, today is the first day at FOSDEM

Coming in to Belgium yesterday, I noticed a huge difference with the Netherlands. A pretty important one too. If you don't bring enough cash with you, and you don't have any bank passes of one of the local banks, you'll find yourself unable to pay for a lot of things. If you want to buy a subway ticket, you either need change or an ATM card from one of the local banks. It just wouldn't accept my MasterCard, nor my Maestro card.

Anyway we arrived at the hotel around 14:00, en decided to hit the center and walk around for a while and get some chocolate and a charger for my phone, waiting for the rest of the Fedora Ambassadors and Developers to arrive. Brussels is a beautiful town but I'm amazed with what they did to it. On our way over from Central Station to the real center there's a dozen building sites; every street you walk through seems to have at least one. What are they doing? Other then that, Brussels is still very nice to just walk around and do nothing ;-)

At 18:00-ish, the others arrived and a little later we headed off for dinner. We didn't go to the BeerEvent but we had a good time anyway. There's lots to talk about on the pre-eve of Fedora EMEA, of course, and so we did. It's all going down today...

The booth is set up, a schedule has been made so that we're not swarming our own booth. I'm sitting in the general Hackers room right now as the Fedora Developers room isn't available yet. Check out the new posters, and other pictures More coming up! ;-)

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