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Aug 09, 2009

Fedora Pastebin Updates

Fedora Unity releases another update to the Fedora branded pastebin based on feedback from the Community.

Fedora Unity Releases Pastebin Updates

We here at Fedora Unity have been hosting a Fedora branded pastebin at This weekend we launched an update to the new version. These updates are all based on feedback from Community members and channel operators from #fedora.

Updates included in this release:

  • Captcha Support - Viewing of expired pastes is now possible by filling out a captcha.
  • User Preferences - It is now possible to set preferences for "author" and "expires".
  • User Paste History - Users may now see a list of their own pastes, and delete pastes they own.
  • Bot Protections - We have implemented a few things to auto-ban abusive IP addresses.
As always, if you have any feedback/comments, join us in #fedora-unity on Freenode.